The body is not a problem to be solved.

It is a gift to be received and explored.

Gil Hedley

A 10 week mindful movement group blending Open Floor movement practice and the Beyond Chocolate approach.

online with Audrey Boss 


When do I feel at home in my body?

What circumstances, beliefs and forces keep me small, stuck and disempowered?

How can I move with and through these challenges?

How do I define beauty and hold myself to these standards?

How do I want to move in the world?

We live in a world which is not kind, respectful or empowering towards everyBODY.​

We learn to hunger for the elusive, perfect body and give ourselves a hard time for being too much and not enough. This dance between longing and shaming shapes our entire lives; the way we eat, the way we dress, the way we move, our self esteem and mental health, our relationships, our jobs, our leisure time. 

Blending the Beyond Chocolate approach and Open Floor movement practice, we will unpick body image and experiment with Owning our Bodies from all angles over the course of 10 weeks. As we explore our relationship with our bodies, we will practice new ways of moving through and with the challenges and privileges we have been handed. We will explore what keeps us small, stuck and disconnected with our bodies.

When we can own our bodies and move with them intentionally and with confidence, we can move through life with more ease and flexibility. And by freeing up that space, we can step up and serve  the world. 

growing our capacity for...

self awareness ❤︎ self care ❤︎ self respect ❤︎ self worth ❤︎ self confidence 

"Audrey is warm and understanding and will encourage you to experiment with new ideas. I have found the sessions invaluable and I feel confident that Audrey has given me the tools I need to experiment."