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Weekly email reminder with link on the day.

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2021 DATES

Weekly for 10 weeks. 

come to the first session and try it out before you commit to the rest

Starts 22 September 2021

Ends 24 November 2021

Wednesdays 8.15-9.30pm (GMT)


Standard:  £160 (£16/ week) 

helps someone else attend


Discounted:  £56 (£5.60/week)

if you are financially challenged.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds, if you need additional financial assistance, please email me.

Do I have to commit to all 10 sessions?

For anyone who is curious and new to Open Floor movement practice and/or Beyond Chocolate, you can come to the first session to try it out and see if it's for you without having to commit to the remaining 9 sessions. If you decide to stay on, you will be committing to the series as each week builds on the previous one.

Audrey Boss

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About me

I have been working as an anti-diet, mindful eating, body neutral coach for 20 years and teaching mindful movement and dance since 2015.

I am co-founder of Beyond Chocolate, an inclusive, supportive community of anti-dieters offering everyBODY a welcoming refuge from Diet Culture and body shaming. I’ve written 2 books  on how to  free ourselves from the food and weight obsessive culture we live in.

As a teacher of Open Floor movement practice, I am passionate about cultivating awareness through the moving body. ‘Moving not exercise' is my mantra...Dance is the perfect antidote to punishing exercise plans and lifeless fitness apps.Come for the joy of moving your body and build self awareness, agility, and emotional resilience while you’re at it.

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